Webcast and webinars offer, January 2014

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A good webcast needs good content, and good speakers

…But creating an engaging webcast or webinar also needs the right physical and technical set up.

For webinars and webcasts we provide an acoustically-treated, soundproofed studio, with a range of CD-quality audio options for common webcast software platforms as well as phone dial-ins.

For video webcasts we provide professional lighting, and broadcast-quality HD video.

Our producers are on hand throughout to make sure the technical side goes smoothly on the day.

The cost? To produce a webcast or webinar for your publication or organisation starts at £575+VAT.

Or, if you would like us to provide a moderator or presenter too, the cost starts at £950+VAT.

What are the advantages of running your webcast or webinar with us?

  • We provide a controlled environment (no background noise or distractions)
  • Presenters, speakers or panellists can be hosted in the studio together, for a better quality conversation
  • We provide professional microphones and audio equipment
  • We can link in to remote speakers over broadcast-quality lines
  • We use full HD video cameras
  • All sessions are recorded locally for replay, bypassing webcasting software’s compression
  • Our experienced producers are on hand to help  you make the best of your session.

If you are interested, please contact us by email or phone: +44 20 7099 4862.

Small print:

The costs above include studio time suitable for one rehearsal and one live webcast. It is based on a free-to-use service such as Google+ Hangouts On Air.

For video webcasts the cost includes a single remote-operated, or fixed camera.

All bandwidth changes are included, but access charges levied by webinar or webcast providers, and telecoms or ISDN data charges, are to be paid by the client.

We provide parking on site.

Price valid for bookings by 28/02/2014 for dates up to 31/03/14.